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Figuratively, most Atlas mason jars worth values vary from as low as $10 to a most of about $60 or higher. However, the valuation is dependent upon many factors with age and condition playing vital roles within the valuation process. Old canning jars may be useful, particularly certain Atlas Mason jars.

Look for mould seams

The worth of a Ball Perfect Mason Jar varies relying on the age, situation and rarity of the jar. Generally, the value range for a single jar is wherever from $5 – $50 for uncommon colours, to $50 – $200 for extra rare colors and designs. The rare “Mist Blue” jars; produced within the late 1910s to early 1920s, these datingappratings.com/agematch-review/ blue Mason jars have turn into more and more uncommon and useful. The first “permanent” Mason jars; created in 1910, these jas had been the first jars to be equipped with threaded lids and are much more valuable than its predecessors.

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These jars are typically both clear or turquoise blue in shade, with a glass lid that typically has the Ball logo embossed on it. The

Check the feel of the glass

Although the vessels had been made from tin, the cans had been lined with a glass container to forestall corrosion. With the help of two of their brothers, they quickly expanded the glassmaking operation and decided to supply canning jars, for which Mason’s patent had expired in 1879. When Frank heard concerning the pure fuel boom in Indiana in 1886, they determined to relocate to Muncie (the fifth brother, Lucius Lorenzo, was a training doctor prior to becoming a member of his siblings in 1897). February 7, 1888, a Certificate of Incorporation was filed for the Ball Glass Works of Muncie. On February 18, fires had been began in the furnace, on February 26, the blowers started to arrive and on March 1, the primary products have been made.

Assessing atlas mason jar value

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Examine the jar’s condition

(which is now Jarden Corp.).