Welcome to Hyderabad Spices!

We offer authentic Indian cuisine. All our chefs have been trained in India and have mastered the art of cooking Indian cuisine. 

We use the finest quality ingredients in the preparation of all our dishes and you will taste the difference when you have our food.

Signature Dishes

Chicken Dum Biriyani

Made with a secret Hyderabadi spice mix that soaks the succulent chicken that is layered with mint infused basmati rice.

Starting @ $11.99

Veg Dum Biriyani

A versatile Hyderabadi offering of meat/vegitable marinated in herbs and spices is layered with long grained basmati rice and steamed to perfection in a tightly sealed heavy bottomed pot (Dum Process). All biriyanis are served with raitha and salon

Starting @ $11.99

Popular Dishes

Good food starts with good ingredient.

 We only bring you the best.


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